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range life number 1 (2018)range life number 2 (2018)range life number 3: the lonely mountain/there are 2 mountains (2018)range life number 4: when it was dark (2018)new mtns (2018)mac in summer (2019)rain ride (2019)sad tod (2019)don't cry stupid (2019)sub-basement room (2017) range life number 1 - showing (2019)sad tod - photo (2019)boy adrift (2015)the tree (2016)manrico (2018)my name is John (2016)mtns to the sea (2019)drinkin a soda (2018)frog cafe (2018) beach party (2018)frog on the road (2018) mountain home 2 (2016)mountain home 2 - wip (2016) farmer crow (2020)coffee licker (2018)dog moon (2019)