with friends...

over the years i've helped a few good friends with video projects.
so honored to be a part :⬤)

xmas ~ western way

i have some cameos in this xmas video. i wrote this song a long time ago & it was
really wonderful to see adel give it a new life and to be a part of that process.

"purveyor of lost dreams"
short film by mackenzi wakley

i starred in this super 8 film mac made for the georgetown super 8 film fest.
they also wrote & played the music for the film. it was really fun to trapse around
industrial ruins & see the story form as we went.

flying fish cove ~ johnny paper

this one was a lot of fun. i basically just wore tight pants & played bass on the track.
i believe the idea was to call back to the classic Beverly Hills 90210 opening credits.
really funny. i didnt get any reference because i've never watched that show, but a
fun project to be a part of nonetheless.

flying fish cove ~ manticore

i made a few set pieces for this video: the manticore & waves. some scenes were
shot in my house & i helped set up backgrounds and lighting. i have a few cameos as
a tiger (lol) & i played bass on the song.

xmas ~ you can leave me whenever you want

[CW: suicide] adel & i worked together on this video from her idea of two
lovers/friends: one keeps trying to end their life & the other keeps saving them from it.
there's nothing very graphic depicted. we were watching a lot of buster keaton and
harold lloyd videos together at the time. the style of those films influenced how we
approached this dark subject.
we are cartoons, in the world of the film, & perhaps in our own worlds too...

my projects

wire department ~ 1.2.5 (the beast out of the sea)

secret tree house ~ like plants... (grow apart)

jack lewis & awkward energy ~ go away whitey